inventor of the cuff manometer VBM Germany

The Inventor of the Cuff Manometer Leads the way

VBM Germany are global airway management specialists. Over 30 years ago the company was founded by Volker Bertram in Sulz/Neckar Germany. That same year the first VBM product entered the market – the VBM cuff manometer. It’s taken on different faces over the years but rest assured it’s VBM behind this impressive device. 

We regularly hear the question, ‘what is a cuff manometer and should we be using it?’ and quite often it’s the very people asking that should know! Stunningly, we found a report published on the NICE website conducted by the National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) on 212 hospitals, that claims many wards listed cuff management as ‘not applicable’, they go on to say it would have been unlikely in all these cases uncuffed tubes were used.

Worryingly only a small percentage of wards had the equipment to measure cuff pressure at all.

There’s many articles on cuff pressure management but none have put it quite as simply as the South African Journal of Anaesthesia, ‘A set volume of air will not deliver the same cuff pressure in each patient and ETT cuff pressure commonly exceeds the recommended range of 20-30cm h2o during anaesthesia’. The same article goes on to highlight the risks associated with incorrect cuff pressures ranging from a sore throat to tracheal necrosis.

VBM are committed to drive the development of cuff pressure measuring in hospitals and have developed the cuff manometer following three main principles: reliability, accuracy and ease of use. Other radical developments by the manufacturing giant are the cuff controller, a clever device that eliminates human error by automatically maintaining safe pressures, and the AG Cuffill, extremely accurate with sensor technology that allows a precise digital measurement with no ‘dead space’.

These products are available through VBM’s UK distributor Freelance Surgical who offer training and free trials to support the awareness of the importance of cuff pressure management.

For more information or to arrange training/trials please contact the hospital sales team on 01934 864280.