surgical tourniquet - free trialFREE TRIAL of Single-use Sterile Tourniquet Cuffs Anyone? 

Freelance Surgical Ltd offer an economical single use tourniquet cuff which provides a solution to the infection risks associated with reusable cuffs. Promoting best practice, the team support the product with a tourniquet placement training service available to all operating theatre staff.

Hospital Sales Director Richard Towler commented, ‘The FREE trial has proved instrumental in the success of the product and the feedback from industry users has been tremendously positive. There are numerous advantages to the VBM range of cuffs including a conical shape that fits awkward shaped limbs better, negating the need for increased pressures, and therefore the associated risks, but it’s the fitting system, in all its simplicity, that has seen a remarkable amount of hospitals making the change to the VBM brand. It’s a simple great product at a cost effective price’.

Their range of sterile single use tourniquet cuffs are easy to place and are available in straight and conical shape to suit all types of patients. The colour coded cuffs, in conjunction with a colour coded measuring guide, simplify the process of selecting the correct cuff size.

They also offer a complete tourniquet pack for ultimate patient protection and simple placement. This includes sterile padding, drape and a surgical tourniquet.

Freelance Surgical Ltd also distribute the VBM range of pneumatic and electric tourniquet machines.

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