Percutaneous Cricothyroidotomy Quicktrach II
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Percutaneous Cricothyroidotomy Quicktrach II Quicktrach 2 Quicktrach II

Quicktrach II

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Blister Packaging                                                                                                                              
Infant 1.5mm REF 30-04-015-1 ------------------- 1
Child 2.0mm REF 30-04-002-1 ------------------- 1
Adult 4.0mm REF 30-04-004-1 REF 30-10-004-1 1

In Plastic Tube                                                                                                                                   
Child 2.0mm REF 30-04-902-1 ------------------- 1
Adult 4.0mm REF 30-04-904-1 REF 30-10-904-1 1

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Frequently Asked Questions?

It is the emergency procedure in managing difficult airways to avoid death from suffocation in the event of upper airway obstruction when intubation or tracheotomy are impossible.

Cricothyroidotomy in a pre-hospital environment enables lower level clinicians to respond faster, making it safer for patients with upper airway difficulties.

•     providing a fast and safe airway in the event of upper airway obstruction
•     sterile sets are pre-assembled and immediately ready for use
•     A specially grinded needle tip makes prior incision via scalpel unnecessary, and reduces the risk of bleeding
•     stopper prevents needle from being inserted too deep to reduce the risk of posterior tracheal wall perforation
•     necktape allows a fast and safe fixation
•     quickest airway access via one-step procedure

•         The ultra-thin cuff seals the trachea and allows efficient ventilation with aspiration protection
•         The anatomically shaped cannula adjusts to the trachea due to “memory effect“

The Quicktrach II has shown to effectively ventilate at tidal volumes exceeding 600 mL regardless of upper airway size.

The Quicktrach has a wide bore allowing positive ventilation of gas, and therefore removes any danger of Co2 build up.

There are several words used that all refer to the same procedure, therefore they are both the same.

Consider Needle Cricothyroidotomy and supplement with high levels of oxygen.

•         Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust
•         South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Trust

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percutaneous cricothyroidotomy wide bore saves lives advert

See the demonstrational video below on how to perform Percutaneous Cricothyrotomy using the Quicktrach II