Tourniquet Cuffs - Limited use
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Tourniquet Cuffs - Limited use

SKU: 20-74-711


Single Cuff - Straight Shape  
Baby 20 x 5 20-74-700
Child 30 x 6 20-74-710
Arm 35 x 8 20-74-711
Arm, Long 46 x 10 20-74-712
Single Cuff - Conical Shape  
Arm/Lower Leg 46 x 12 20-74-715
Leg 61 x 12 20-74-722
Leg, Long 76 x 12 20-74-727
Leg, Extra Long 86 x 12 20-74-728
Leg, Super Long 107 x 12 20-74-729

The new VBM Slim Cuffs complete the existing wide range of VBM Tourniquet Cuffs. The welded cuff offers a very low profile and is therefore lightweight and easy to apply.

Nylon, easy to clean for multiple use, washable at 60°C (140°F)
color-coded fixation tapes provide easy cuff positioning kink resistant silicone hose with positive locking connector
inexpensive alternative to fabric- and silicone cuffs

Contour shape:
delivers uniform pressure
fits limb of different size and shape
roll resistant due to inside stiffen

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