Safersonic ultrasound drapes
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Safersonic ultrasound drapes

SKU: saf.612.030

The proprietary optical interface of the Safersonic cover applied to the Transducer without air bubbles or wrinkles. The Transducer is now ready for the Sterile procedure. No sticky residue left behind. Upon completion of the Sterile procedure, the Safersonic cover is easy to remove.


18 x 28cm 18 x 120cm

Why use the Safersonic Ultrasound Probe Drape?

The sticky adhesive on the underside of the cover eliminates the need for Gel on the inside of the cover. As there's no gel, there's no bubbles or wrinkles so the image achieved is much more superior. These single use sterile ultrasound probe covers come packed in a sterile pouch.

Gel-Free Ultrasound Drape, No Mess, No Fuss.

*Gel-free is between cover and probe ONLY. Gel is still required on the outside of the drape.

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