VBM Pneumatic Pressure Infusor
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VBM Pneumatic Pressure Infusor VBM Pneumatic Pressure Infusor

VBM Pneumatic Pressure Infusor

SKU: 52-13-200
Pressure Infusor 100 with Single Channel 52-13-200
Pressure Infusor 200 with switch for connection of two pressure infusion cuffs 52-13-200

For the use with pressure infusion cuffs for automatic irrigation purposes during minimal invasive surgery.

Precision Pressure Regulator
• very precise pressure regulation
• maintains selected pressure and guarantees automatic compensation
• limits pressure to max. 300 mmHg

Protection Cover
• protects the device from liquid and damage

Coil Extension Hose
• firmly connected to the device
• with male Luer Lock connector

Universal Clamp
• horizontal or vertical position for attachment to drip stand or rail